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You're here because you want to build a holistic medical practice that soars...


You dedicated your entire early adult life to becoming a physician. You've worked beyond hard. You've sacrificed for years. You've poured your heart and soul into becoming the best doctor you can be.

But along the way, you got frustrated with the limitations of the existing medical model. So you began studying and training in a more holistic model.

Then, what happened?

You began feeling like an outsider in your own profession, like you didn't fit in anymore.

So you had little choice but to break away from the mainstream medical machine to avoid being chewed up and spit out like you're just another cog in the wheel.

So you started your own holistic practice. (Unless you were lucky enough to find the rare established holistic medical practice that welcomed you with open arms.)

But here's the thing...

How to build a successful practice was never in your medical school curriculum or residency training program.

So how DO you make the transition from traditional medicine to holistic medicine without losing your mind, your confidence, and your shirt?

Where do you start? How do you know what to believe? And who can you trust to give you advice on the right diagnosis and treatment plan for YOUR practice? (Not unlike what you do every day for your patients, right?)

Well, this what a "holistically healthy" practice looks like...

  • You're booked as full as you want with awesome patients
  • You've got healthy cash flow that's sustainable
  • You're profitable at a level that works for your values and lifestyle
  • You get so much professional and personal satisfaction doing what you love and making the difference you always wanted to make
  • You enjoy the freedom to practice in a way that truly serves your patients, rather than satisfying faceless administrators and insurance companies
  • Your practice supports your life, rather than your life revolving around your practice

As you've probably realized, there are lots of moving parts to a healthy holistic medical practice.

Because you're smart and good at researching and problem-solving, you figured this isn't "rocket science," so you looked around for good advice.

Eventually, you came across information that sounded like it made sense. You took a course or two. Or three. "How to get patients banging down your door with this online thing." "How to get an endless stream of referrals." "57 ways to market your way out of a wet paper bag."

You get the idea...

And then you said, "Wait, I'm too busy to do all this! Plus, the "4-hour work week" guy said I needed to delegate." Cool, right!?!

So you hired the first person you tripped over to help you with office management, your electronic medical record, marketing, website, email system... and the list goes on...

But because you didn't know what you didn't know, you probably ended up doing some "dumb doctor" things like:

  • Paying someone $1,000 a month for Facebook ads that gave you 2 poorly-qualified leads over 7 months (with no new patients to show for it). True story.
  • Paying a company $250,000 to build your website for a business idea that you haven't even tested or proven that anyone cares about. True story.
  • Subscribing to an electronic medical record system for $400 a month that you never use. True story.

Of course, no one in their right mind tries to fail miserably and do dumb things. And, these may seem extreme to you. But stuff like that happens, even to the best of us...

...because we weren't trained or prepared to deal with the business side of medicine.


It was all about diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.

But if you're reading this, you know something's not working. You just don't know what it is. And even if you did, you have the feeling you probably wouldn't know how to fix it!

Since you want to feel confident that you're doing all the right things, at the right time, to build a healthy and profitable holistic practice, here's what I recommend...

Let's set up a time to speak about where you are and where you see yourself going.

We'll connect using Zoom or Skype and spend about 30-minutes or so exploring how to turn your dreams into practical reality.

And I'll share my best ideas and insights about the most direct, non-stop route from your current situation to your ultimate destination.

By the end of our conversation, I’ll make sure you're pointed in a good direction with clear options and alternatives for you to accomplish your goals.

If I can help further, we can discuss that. But even if I can't, I probably know someone who can. In that case, I will refer you to other resources, as appropriate.

To get the ball rolling, I have a few questions for you to tell me a little about your situation and your goals. Your responses will give me the essential information I need to understand your circumstances and make the best recommendations for you.

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To your freedom and more profit in your pocket!