Boosting Business Productivity – Scheduled Relaxation

Boosting Business Productivity – Scheduled Relaxation

When things aren’t going as well as you’d like in your business, chances are that your natural inclination is to “try harder,” as in work harder and work longer hours.

Otherwise known as the “brute force” approach to success, the problem is that this approach doesn’t typically work. The only guarantee with this approach is that you’ll end up working harder and longer hours. But it doesn’t guarantee success, no matter how you define success.

When one “tries harder,” the predictable outcome is tension – inner tension of the mind and body and outer tension in how your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes get expressed in your daily life. No freedom here.

I’ve found that principles of success in sports apply equally well to the world of entrepreneurship. One of my friends, David Ranney ( writes in his book, Tennis: Play the Mental Game: “Although trying harder may seem to work in the short term, you will find that when the match gets tight or when it comes time to win, your game may break down.

If “grinding it out” and working harder isn’t likely to win the day for you, what’s the alternative?

…Relax. Really.

Relaxation means different things to different people. It may be meditation. Reading a good book. Going for a run. Maybe singing or playing a musical instrument. Or, if you’re me: hitting tennis balls.

Diverting your attention away from your private mountain of projects and tasks gives you a valuable opportunity to see solutions and opportunities from a different and unique perspective.

Most people don’t realize that Dr. Albert Einstein was an accomplished violinist. In fact, he attributes his experience with musical improvisation as contributing to some of his greatest insights.

Whatever you do, it’s vital to schedule regular, consistent times away from work. Of course this makes good common sense, but common sense isn’t commonly practiced!

To avoid the “I know this already” trap, I recommend that you schedule times for relaxation, “scheduled relaxation.” Go ahead, do it right now.

Put in your schedule the times for you to practice singing or playing an instrument, times for running or working out. And if you really want to stay on track, get a relaxation accountability partner, that is, someone who will help you make sure you both take regular relaxation time throughout the week.

Fear Management for Entrepreneurs

Fear Management for Entrepreneurs

One of my dedicated readers, Dave, has graciously and generously expressed his fears and concerns about taking the leap toward setting up his coaching/consulting practice.

In a comment on my post about “The Gift of Forgiveness,” Dave wrote that he’s “still struggling to break through what sometimes feels like a Saran wrap of low self-confidence and reach out to prospective clients with what I have to offer them.”

Well, Dave is not alone.

Below is how I replied to Dave; see if you see yourself in Dave…

Dave, while we could spend the rest of this lifetime (and the next several!) analyzing and dissecting the root of those fears and concerns, the fact is, it’s all made up. Not that whatever is stopping you isn’t real or valid. It’s just that as human beings, we’re constantly in search of meaning. You might say that we’re “meaning making machines.”

Something or things occurred in your life. Based on your level of maturity, mood, environment, and self-awareness, you then interpreted those events a certain way and assigned a meaning to it (i.e., “not good enough,” “not smart enough,” “not skilled enough,” “not accomplished enough,”“ not whatever enough”, and so on). Conversely, you could have assigned more constructive meanings to those events, like “I’m really great,” “I’m super-competent,” “I am bright,” “I am capable,” etc. But if that were the case, we would be having a different dialogue!)

In essence, you made up a story about what that event meant. And you and the people in your life continue to perpetuate that story.

The beauty is that, as long as you are breathing and your heart is pumping, you get to make up a new story about what those events mean and about who you are, at any time along the way.

Great in concept, but the really payoff comes from working this out in real life. I’d suggest you lay out a “life plan,’ a vision for your life and your self-defined purpose for being alive. Based on this “life plan,” you then write out a game plan for moving forward. You don’t need to know all the steps and answers about the “how-to” right now. For now, trust that the people, places, things, knowledge, and fortuitous happenstances will come when the time is right.

Start telling a different story about who you are, what you stand for, and the value you offer as a citizen of the planet. I’ve always said, “If you want to play a bigger game, you need to tell a bigger story.” As your story expands, your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings will fall by the wayside, as a natural consequence of you owning your value and worth, along with your generosity and willingness to share that with others and the planet.

All this talk is great, but you do need to take proactive steps moving forward. Take small steps. Gain small victories over your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about who you are. Then build on those small victories.

In the absence of a written plan of strategy AND action, you’ll predictably get stuck, mire in the mud of self-doubt, self-criticism, and perpetual frustration. And that serves no one.

Be courageous. Be willing to shine your brilliance upon the world, even if it’s a small corner!

Except for the masters and avatars who have and do grace our planet, the rest of us have a “Dave” inside us that pops up from time to time. When “Dave” shows up, it can be a confusing and paralyzing experience and yet, it’s also an opportunity to grow and expand ourselves, beyond where we are today.

Just remember, that when Fear comes knocking on your door, send Courage to answer it. And allow Courage to embrace the Fear. If you are willing to take this on, you’re bound to experience expanding degrees of freedom, power, and fulfillment.

Investing 101: Where Do YOU Invest Your Personal Energy?

Through my years of medical training and practicing as a plastic surgeon surgeon, I’ve gained a great appreciation that one’s health and well-being is the foundation of all wealth, material and otherwise.

Inclusive of our own health and well-being, the greatest asset we have is our personal energy. That energy is comprised of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Every second of our lives, we get to choose where we invest our personal energy. Are you wasting it thoughts, feelings, and activities that aren’t in alignment with your core values, your passion, and your true mission in life?

For a variety of reasons, such as fear of saying ‘No,’ concern about disappointing others, or fear of failure, many of us do…

If you’re really honest with yourself about it, you’ll probably find that you’ve committed to other people, events, and projects that are “energy leaks”; things that suck life out of you, rather than filling you with energy.

Now, that’s a real waste of energetic resources!

So, get in the natural habit of asking yourself: “What is the highest and best investment of my energy?”

Start by asking this of yourself as you start your day. Then progress to asking it of yourself throughout the day.

The shift in your energy, enthusiasm, productivity, and life experiences may astound you!

And that’s a real blow for freedom!

Focusing Through Distractions

The most important skill for consistent high-performance in your business

“If I were asked to choose one mental skill that distinguishes athletes and other performers who remain at the top of their game, I would name their ability to adapt and re-focus in the face of distractions.”
– Terry Orlick, author of  In Pursuit of Excellence:  How to win in sport and life through mental training

The ability to remain focused, despite extreme pressure, failure, and even apparent impending doom, is what separates a good athlete from a top-performing one. Many parallels exist between peak performance in sports and that in business. So, ask yourself, when the heat is on, do you focus on distractions or do you focus through distractions?

The good news is that the ability to focus and, especially, to regain focus after a major distraction, is a learned, practiced skill. First of all, it takes awareness that you’ve lost focus to regain it. But that alone isn’t enough. Focus takes practice, persistence, effort, energy, and a high level of commitment. (more…)

Do You Have the Freedom to Trust Your Inner Guidance System?

Or are you being an “intellectual bulldozer”?

A lot of us go through life thinking that if we’re smart enough and we think through it, we can bull our way through a brick wall, without getting bumps and bruises or cracking open our skulls!

We think that intellectually we should be able to solve this problem and that problem.

But what’s missing is that this ingrained habit totally negates and takes out your inner guidance system.

And your inner guidance system is far more powerful than what we have intellectually.

Dr. Albert Einstein acknowledged that. He said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge, it’s more important than knowledge.”

Where does imagination come from?
It comes from your inner guidance system.

What it comes down to is whether you have the ability to trust your inner guidance system.

A friend of mine, David Ranney, is the author of “Tennis: Play the Mental Game,”  calls it your ‘other than conscious mind.’” (more…)

A New Model for Business Success in the New Economy

Here’s the model:
Purpose, Passion, Productivity, and Power => People, Planet, Profit, Prosperity

As entrepreneurs, it’s our responsibility to contribute to shaping the emerging new era of prosperity.

It’s time for new ways of thinking, new business models, new ways of connecting and collaborating with our buyers, our colleagues, our competitors, and other countries.

Focusing one’s:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Productivity

leads to…

  • Helping people
  • Healing the planet
  • Sustainable profits
  • Global prosperity
  • (more…)