Success Stories…

My very first client who created a 6-figure revenue stream not only did it in record time, he bested my record; Bill created a 6-figure revenue stream in 70 days.“I don’t know how else to say it. George inspires me. Every time I got off the phone with him, I was smiling. It was clear to me that George had the system. I had a pretty skepticism about my own abilities, that’s for sure. But somehow, he instilled the confidence in me that I could do this.”

Bill Metcalf

Here’s a quick note from one of my clients who created an annualized six-figure revenue stream in 99 days. After a year of working with me, he attained a recurring revenue of $20,000/month and continues to accelerate:“George has been instrumental! He is a highly-gifted being. George was the perfect alignment for me. That’s what made it work so well.Before I started working with George, I was only performing at a small fraction of my capacity. My revenue was low and my focus was limited. Now – I am in complete flow in all ways and feeling 100% free.For me to breakthrough my barriers, it was less about what George had me do and more about how he spoke to me and encouraged me and gave me the inspiration and support to move forwards.

My revenues are at level 1 of my goals. I am now moving into level 2 which is doubling my income and deliverables. I am building an international business and having a total blast doing it. Most importantly, I am being of service in a way I have always sought to be. My clients are growing leaps and bounds in their lives and it is phenomenal to see their happiness, fulfillment and joy.”

Timothy Karsten

Working with George was the best thing I ever did for my business. He really comes up with creative ideas and ways of turning problems into opportunities.

I used to work as an employee of a company, but that was a frustrating dead-end, where I had to tolerate a bunch of senseless policies and procedures. I just wasn’t willing to put up with the nonsense any longer.

Within 6 months of setting out on my own, my income consistently exceeded $8,500 to $10,000 per month. That was a couple of years ago and I’m still going strong.

George helped me to make that leap at the right time, with the right foundation in place for getting clients and providing valuable programs for them.”

Kelvin Thomas

With your coaching, we reached a very consistent $8500/month in revenue within our first 12 months, and even more exciting was this year (2012), when we reached an annualized revenue of over $500,000.”

Jeremy Allen
carol ross

Before working with George, getting new clients was anxiety-producing. I wasn’t able to get a consistent sales pipeline going. People were coming to me, but I wasn’t able to convert them into clients AND I wasn’t able to help them.George trained me in the “Freedom from Selling” approach. He helped me to develop a mindset of “service first, getting paying clients second.”The “Freedom from Selling” approach is a true system. It gave me a reliable framework for having natural, yet compelling conversations that consistently lead to a higher percentage of people working with me (and at higher fees).

My business has been permanently transformed. The sales process is joyful. I have more clients than I have had in years. And my clients are a better fit in terms of using my talents and expertise to have the highest impact. I now view the sales process as a rewarding way to help others, whether or not they sign on as clients.

I now have a reliable six-figure annual revenue business, bringing in more revenue and profit than I ever have before with my coaching business.”

Carol Ross