Acting on True Power

Acting on True Power

A lot of times, we take action lacking confidence and compromise our own true power, because we’re afraid that things will “turn out.” So we dilute our efforts, our energy, our focus.

The quirky thing is, you don’t know how things are really going to turn out until they do, right?

So instead of operating from a place of being worried, concerned that things will turn out, why not operate as if you knew things would indeed turn out, at least as good as, if not better than, expected?

After all, to turn the tables on you, you simply do not know how things will turn out. So why not expect that things “turning out” will be a desirable outcome? Expect the best without attachments, instead of fretting about failure, embarrassment, or shame.

When you come from this mindset, you have more freedom to be the best you can be.