How to Unleash Your Money Superhero and Win the Inner Game of Rapid Revenue Acceleration

How to Unleash Your Money Superhero and Win the Inner Game of Rapid Revenue Acceleration

If you’re reading this you are probably one of those inspired individuals who know they have gifts and talents to share with the world. Maybe you get tinglings when you daydream about all the good you can do, and when you have insightful ideas that you just need to make a reality.

The problem for big-hearted, inspired individuals though is that often the money situation doesn’t support or recognise your big goals and dreams, nor that store of wisdom waiting within you to aid humanity.

If this is you, read on, because what you are going to discover is how to unleash your inner money superhero, so that you can do what you love to do, help a huge number of people, and be handsomely rewarded for the value bring.

How to Remove the “Mind Trash” That Takes Us Out of the Game

As you’ve probably already recognised, winning the money game starts and ends between the ears. No matter how many strategies you learn, or how intelligent and logical you are, it may seem that there are other things at play that you just haven’t figured out how to operate – until now.

Maybe you’ve been frustrated in the past by learning loads of things that should have given you that massive increase in your revenue. Maybe you’ve worked incredibly hard, nearly burning yourself out in the process. Maybe you end most weeks exhausted and stressed, but still with that same nagging feeling that you’ve got a mission here on this planet, and if you can just get off the treadmill, then maybe you stand a chance of fulfilling it.

Often I find people with lots of inner value have a huge number of ideas of things they could do to help the world, and to make some cash. Often it is their inner genius that keeps them afloat against the odds.

But in the face of constant frustration and effort, sometimes it feels like the only option is to give up. Sometimes this is what we do – at least temporarily.

Sometimes the thought of stepping out of this struggle, as alluring as it might be, is a little bit scary. The identity of the struggling entrepreneur, or stay at home mom, or starving artist or energy healer is a much more comfortable place to be. And sometimes there are other things that scare the what-not out of us so much, that all we want to do is step back into our comfort zone and sabotage anything potentially life-changing that may be going on.

And when we accept all this, sometimes there is an overwhelming sense that we’re not like everyone else. How come no one else has this inner struggle? Maybe there is something wrong with me? Maybe I’m just not wired to be wealthy and successful?

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to tell you everyone goes through some struggle or another… There’s nothing wrong with you. You are talented, and gifted and you have a job to do on this world. You have the innate ability to change your wiring from the inside out. You have the power to drop the emotional baggage and what I call mind cabbage to think and feel in the way you should as a confident, worthy entrepreneur. All you need is a bit of insight, a few techniques and a bit of focus on your inner world, rather than just the outer world strategies.


“Winning the money game starts and ends between the ears.”

Discover the Five-Part Combination to Unlocking Your Own Inner Money Superhero


1. Do what you love
There is a study on university leavers which separated people into two groups. Group A said they were going to follow the money and later do what they loved, and Group B would follow their passion first. It turned out, those who followed their passion were 512% more likely to become a millionaire than those who followed the money. That’s five times more likely!

So the first key is to stack the odds in your favour, by doing what you love.

Doing what you love is absolutely paramount to being able to make large amounts of cash quickly, and for a number of reasons.

Firstly – you’ll work longer and harder at something you love.

Secondly – the universe just seems to get behind you when you’re in line with your calling, your purpose. Things get easier. Serendipitous and synchronicitous events occur to give you massive leaps in progress.

Thirdly – you become magnetic to other people. Other people are drawn to passion and certainty. And, you will need other peoples’ help to achieve what you want to do – no matter how smart or capable you are. It’s just one of those laws about being able to make money… Other people need to be involved for capacity and chemistry.

2. Do what is in alignment with your personal Money Genius type
Each of us has an inner money genius. You may already have an inkling of what this is. But you may not even believe me as I say this because you’ve never experienced any kind of inner genius being unleashed on your financial world. Either way, it’s ok.

There are eight different personality types… and eight different ways to make money (corresponding with each money genius personality). Every other strategy you can think of will fit into one or two of these basic eight. Now, depending on your money genius type, there will be things that you will excel at when it comes to converting your inner value into actual money in the bank. Knowing your money genius type will allow you do what you have the best chance of succeeding at: knowing your money genius type gives you your path of least resistance. More on this shortly.

3. Create a ‘Because I’m Worth It’ Map
Central to being able to make, receive and hold onto money is feeling worthy. If you don’t feel like you deserve it you will do everything in your power to get rid of it and keep it at arm’s length. This includes manifesting parking tickets, being ripped off, and having accidents that cost you financially. This is simply rectified by reinforcing your sense of self-esteem at the very deep level.. You can find an exercise on that here.

4. Drop the Emotional Baggage
As we grow up we take on all kinds of attitudes and emotions around money, which for better or worse affect our relationship with it. There are only three ways to deal with these emotions. You are probably familiar with the first two: either suppressing or expressing them.

Suppressing an emotion means you do everything not to feel it. This leads to over spending, over eating, and an inability to focus on what you need to when it comes to your business.

Expressing is where you make sure everyone else knows how you are feeling. When you experience anger – you scream and take it out on others. You become irritable, and snappy. When you’re exciting, you expel huge amounts of energy in telling everyone how excited you are…

But releasing is the only productive way of wielding these emotions and sensations to greater success in every area of your life. Letting go of them and allowing them to become part of your wisdom not only makes you a more powerful person, but will energetically increase your frequency so you can manifest more of what you want. Think of a hot air balloon carrying sandbags. As you turf out the sandbags (emotional baggage) you allow the balloon to rise higher and higher. You feel lighter and lighter and more energetic, and things become so much easier than when you were expressing and suppressing.

The more you let go, the more you also experience greater clarity, foresight and understanding.

During the Inner Game of Rapid Revenue Acceleration teleclass, (a special session of the Rapid Revenue Acceleration Summit), we’ll cover precisely how to release your own emotional baggage.

5. Create Outcomes… Consciously

There are lots of different things to consider when creating outcomes: from crafting your outcome from a space different from the space in which the problem inhabits, to turbo charging your manifesting ability by putting your brain into alpha patterns, to making sure you’ve cleared out the emotional baggage around the desired outcome… to picking something aligned with what you love, and actually want to create.

The upshot is though, if you follow these five steps in sequence, you will already have most of it figured out. We’ll be talking about these methods at length on a special Inner Game teleclass as part of the Rapid Revenue Acceleration Summit. I know you’re going to be blown away by the methods and techniques we will be sharing with you.

If this resonates with you, and you’d like to discover more, please feel free to join George and I on a very special session, Winning the Inner Game of Rapid Revenue Acceleration. It’s all part of the free Rapid Revenue Acceleration Summit. To find out more visit: We’ll be sharing everything we can possibly get through on the five parts  of winning the inner game of rapid revenue acceleration that make up  the combination to unlocking your own money superhero. We’d and would love to have you on the line. To Your Inevitable Success!

Laura Leigh Clarke works with solopreneurs who are on a mission to help them make more money through adapting their inner game. She is the author of the Hay House published her book on the inner game of business and money: Wire Yourself for Wealth.

The Rapid Revenue Acceleration Summit – Now in session!

The Rapid Revenue Acceleration Summit – Now in session!

As a plastic surgeon, I struggled mightily with the business side of medicine. Overcoming those challenges ultimately inspired me to become the business guide and mentor I wished I had when I needed a helping hand. These days, I help gifted, service-oriented professionals accelerate their business growth, profitability, and ultimately, the mark they leave on the world.

After I retired as a board-certified plastic surgeon at the age of 40, I hung out my shingle as a professional business coach in 2005. But other than a “shingle,” I had no business cards, website, blog, business contacts, or success stories. Unwittingly, I became somewhat of a folk legend in some circles after I created an annualized six-figure revenue stream in 73 days and then doubled it by the end of the year.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I realized how exceptional this was. Even today, when speaking with coaches, consultants, and other service providers, I’m still shocked to hear so many of them aren’t earning what they are really worth.

With my guidance, along with my documented systems and strategies that I personally used to create a sustainable six-figure revenue stream, others have achieved the same. In fact, one of my clients bested my record; he achieved his annualized six-figure revenue stream in 71 days. Another recent client, who had never earned more than $250/month from his coaching services, achieved $8,500 month by his 99th day of working with me. But the end of the 12th month, he had reached $23,000/month. And I frequently forget to talk about my client did went the “slow” route – steady six-figure revenue stream by about 180 days.

I believe that when more people apply what I teach to their own businesses and accelerate their lead generation, conversion, value delivery, and revenue growth, these results could become the norm, rather than the exception. In this way, we can collectively better the world by sharing our gifts with those whom we are here to serve. And that’s the ultimate in freedom, contribution, and prosperity.

The theme for this event was inspired by my experience of creating an annualized, 6-figure revenue stream so quickly that many people, upon hearing my story, find it incredible to believe – all without a website, blog, social media, business cards, referrals, a list of prospects, or even a track record of client successes.

But clearly, my way isn’t the only way to do it. So I’ve hand-picked other experts who either have generated significant revenue rapidly themselves (six-figure revenue jump within one-two years) and/or coached others to do it, to share their own journeys, trials and tribulations, as they create their accelerated their revenues.

To join us for this free event, register here.