From time to time, I send out information and announcements related to business development.

Well…today is a bit different.

I want to pull back the curtain and share something more personal.

So here goes. I was recently speaking with my good buddy, Michael Margolis ( My business is about freedom for entrepreneurs: The freedom to be who you really are, rather than who you think you “should” be to be accepted and “fit in.” The freedom to contribute your gifts, talents, wisdom, and experiences in ways to touch other people’s lives, however big or small. The freedom to define what prosperity means to you – and live it.

Heck, freedom (or lack thereof) is why I retired from the practice of plastic surgery when I was 40 years old. I felt trapped, unfulfilled, and alone. Leaving a career that I devoted my entire early adult life toward was very challenging in many ways – mentally and emotionally. Yet, my collective experiences — the good, the sad, the bad, the ugly — contributed to who I am today and what I have to contribute and share with others.

What I never told you is that I made this year the year of “Brilliant Revelation.”

I’m serious.

To me, “brilliant revelation” means sharing and giving of myself in ways that shine light, insight, and inspiration with those whose paths cross with mine. It means giving everything I’ve got, in support of my purpose in this lifetime.

And frankly, this has been a challenging theme to fulfill on for me, at least at the level I believe is possible.

But….(the infamous “But”)…

Along these lines, there is one REALLY BIG request I’ve heard from people who know me that I’ve been holding back on – for years, despite their strong requests, pleadings, and demands.

I’ve been working through this internal resistance and I’m contemplating changing my mind and giving what I’ve got, even if it’s “not perfect.”

I hate to admit this, but I’m super nervous because it means sharing with you more of myself in ways that I haven’t in the past.

The part that scares me the most, is that I’m also going to need your help. And I don’t even like to telling you that, either.

Anyway, enough for now… (stay tuned until next time)


P.S. I’ll be back with more details in a couple of days, while I gather my thoughts. But until then, tell me in the comments what “business freedom” means to you.