Twenty Pathways to More Prospects

Most service professionals name their biggest need as “More Clients!” Sometimes just a few more clients can make the difference between success and failure. Client attraction is the first of three essential elements to a sustainable service business:

  1. Attraction – methods to make your phone ring and email ping with inquiries about your service or product.
  2. Conversion – a system to filter through the prospects, identify the ones best-suited for your business, explore the mutual fit, and naturally lead well-matched prospects hire you.
  3. Retention – processes to effectively serve your clients, customers and patients and keep them happily using your products or services for as long as needed.

The first step cannot be neglected. You’ve got to ATTRACT qualified prospects before they can become clients! Without plenty of prospects, you’ll be attached to everyone hiring you. You’ll come across as needy and you’ll chase people away. Or you’ll settle for working with people who aren’t good matches or who can’t afford your rates.

If nobody’s coming in through the pipeline, the rest is moot. It doesn’t matter how effective your “introductory session” is, how high your “closing ratios” are, or how brilliant you are in delivering value to your clients. Without client attraction, you’re dead in the water.

In a “Marketing Demystified” webinar, I identified the eleven basic pathways to attracting clients. (And one of these ways gives you new options for the other ten, hence, twenty pathways.)

I’m not recommending you tackle all or even most of these strategies. On the contrary, marketing methods should be chosen carefully and strategically, based on your ideal clientele, intentions and budget, as well as your abilities and skills. Don’t view these pathways as a “checklist” of everything you should be doing, but rather an overview of possible options. (more…)