Conscious Leaderpreneurship Call, April 29 2010, with Rev. Suzi Schadle

Wouldn’t you love to be paid and prospered for who you are and what you love to do?

My Conscious Leaderpreneurship special guest this week, Rev. Suzi Schadle, believes this is possible, and… the best way to create a sustainable economy!

As Suzi says,

I believe the new economy is all about people awakening to their unique passion and purpose, and then fully expressing it as a path to prosperity. What we have the greatest passion for is often where we also have our greatest natural talents and the capacity to do the world the most good.

The intersection of our passion, talent and contribution is the sweet-spot where our life-purpose lies. To paraphrase Joseph Campbell, “Where your talent and your bliss meet the needs of the world, that is where your purpose lies and that is where Spirit wants you to be.”

So often we have had it backwards—“If I have money, then I will be able to do what I want and I will be okay.” Suzi contends the more powerful model is BEING who we are and DOING what we have come here to do, which will naturally lead to HAVING all we need and want.

“Let’s create a world where we all do well by doing good.” – Rev. Suzi Schadle

Come join our discussion about how a world filled with fully self-expressed and fulfilled people is a world of peace and prosperity.

My call with Rev. Suzi Schadle from the Center for Spiritual Living Eastside this Thursday, April 29th, from 12 noon – 12:45pm, PST. If you would like to receive the call-in number and code for my Conscious Leaderpreneurship calls, please opt-in at the bottom of this page.