Coaching Boom 2010 – Tips from Day #1

CoachingBoom 2010 is a virtual business-building training event that started on this past Monday, February 11th and runs through Thursday, February 18th.

I’ll be presenting on Thursday, February 18th at 8:15 am PT.

My topic? “How to Get More and Better Clients Using PAID Introductory Sessions”

Milana Leshinsky, the host of CoachingBoom 2010, has been sending out the top ideas that she’s taken away from each day’s sessions.

Here are the top ideas from Day 1:

1. Create a learning plan for yourself to master
entrepreneurship in 3 areas: business building,
marketing, and finances (from Michael Port)

2. Coaching is really an online business, and
anyone who disagrees is simply walking with
their blinds on (from Judith & Jim) (more…)

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Getting More Clients in 2010

When it comes to getting more business, it’s amazing how many coaches continue to “hunt” for new clients using the same strategies that were used 5-10 years ago!

To be successful as a coach or consultant, you need four main skills:

  1. Coaching/consulting skills.
  2. Business skills.
  3. Marketing skills.
  4. Selling skills.

In my experience and observation, most coaches and consultants fail to be successful because they lack general business skills, marketing skills, and selling skills. Some of them may even be “allergic” to business development, marketing, and/or selling. I know I used to be! (more…)