Through my years of medical training and practicing as a plastic surgeon surgeon, I’ve gained a great appreciation that one’s health and well-being is the foundation of all wealth, material and otherwise.

Inclusive of our own health and well-being, the greatest asset we have is our personal energy. That energy is comprised of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Every second of our lives, we get to choose where we invest our personal energy. Are you wasting it thoughts, feelings, and activities that aren’t in alignment with your core values, your passion, and your true mission in life?

For a variety of reasons, such as fear of saying ‘No,’ concern about disappointing others, or fear of failure, many of us do…

If you’re really honest with yourself about it, you’ll probably find that you’ve committed to other people, events, and projects that are “energy leaks”; things that suck life out of you, rather than filling you with energy.

Now, that’s a real waste of energetic resources!

So, get in the natural habit of asking yourself: “What is the highest and best investment of my energy?”

Start by asking this of yourself as you start your day. Then progress to asking it of yourself throughout the day.

The shift in your energy, enthusiasm, productivity, and life experiences may astound you!

And that’s a real blow for freedom!