CoachingBoom 2010 is a virtual business-building training event that started on this past Monday, February 11th and runs through Thursday, February 18th.

I’ll be presenting on Thursday, February 18th at 8:15 am PT.

My topic? “How to Get More and Better Clients Using PAID Introductory Sessions”

Milana Leshinsky, the host of CoachingBoom 2010, has been sending out the top ideas that she’s taken away from each day’s sessions.

Here are eight takeaways from Day 4 of  Coaching Boom 2010:

1. The 3 rules of effective business systems: simplicity,
consistency, and automation. They must also be personal
and fun to be useful to you (Melinda Cohan)

2. Become the person that people are quoting, especially
if you are working in corporate, executive, or leadership
coaching (Ann Farrell)

3. Lou Bortone’s best kept secret for creating amazing
videos with special effects without any software is – thanks for sharing Lou!

4. Most coaching web sites do NOT focus on enrollment.
They simply establish the fact that you’re in business.

5. A client-enrolling letter serves 2 purposes: 1) Warming
up your prospect list, 2) Directly enrolling clients.
Which purpose are you trying to accomplish? (Michele PW)

6. A blog is a “pull” strategy, while e-mail is a “push”
strategy.  Use both for most effective results (Michele PW)

7. Humans crave consistency – don’t work against it, work
with it. In other words, use strategies proven to work,
even if you feel they’ve become old or overused. They work!
(Michele PW)

8. The best client-enrollment letter is a conversation
between the copy and what’s in your client mind. Answer all
possible questions a prospect might have about your coaching
program, and you will fill it (Michele PW)

As you can see, lots of goodies came from Michele PW, who
did several critiques of coaching web sites and showed
how to turn “mellow” sites into truly attention-getting
and client-enrolling sites.

Join us now and you’ll get access to complete recordings of the

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