CoachingBoom 2010 is a virtual business-building training event that started on this past Monday, February 11th and runs through Thursday, February 18th.

I’ll be presenting on Thursday, February 18th at 8:15 am PT.

My topic? “How to Get More and Better Clients Using PAID Introductory Sessions”

Milana Leshinsky, the host of CoachingBoom 2010, has been sending out the top ideas that she’s taken away from each day’s sessions.

Here are here top 5 tips from Day #2:

1. To get more relationship or any life coaching clients,
create and offer results-oriented programs – workshops,
classes, events – for your niche market (David Steele)

2. To create a strong personal brand, be congruent and
consistent in everything you do. Use your title or tag
line on your site, newsletters, and coaching programs
(Suzanne Falter-Barnes)

3. The best tool for creating your own niche community
is, which is what is
powered by (Viki Winterton)

4. When you coach businesses and organizations, you are
still coaching individual leaders and team members; you
don’t need to have corporate background to succeed –
only the desire to help businesses to grow (Gary Henson)

5. Entrepreneurial spirit is the most important factor
in building a highly successful business (Viki Winterton)

And this is just a FRACTION of what I and the
participants learned yesterday! Join us now and
you’ll get access to complete recordings of the
sessions you missed.

This link will take you to CoachingBoom2010