When it comes to getting more business, it’s amazing how many coaches continue to “hunt” for new clients using the same strategies that were used 5-10 years ago!

To be successful as a coach or consultant, you need four main skills:

  1. Coaching/consulting skills.
  2. Business skills.
  3. Marketing skills.
  4. Selling skills.

In my experience and observation, most coaches and consultants fail to be successful because they lack general business skills, marketing skills, and selling skills. Some of them may even be “allergic” to business development, marketing, and/or selling. I know I used to be!

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand out, attract more clients, and create a thriving coaching business – despite almost 250,000 coaches competing for clients in the world today?

From February 8-18th, 2010, there’s an opportunity for you to hone your business development skills: 30 top coaching entrepreneurs, such as myself-George Huang, Michael Port, Christian Mickelsen, Bill Baren, Linda Claire-Puig, David Steele, Milana Leshinsky, Marcia Bench, Sharla Jacobs, and many others are coming together at the Coaching Boom 2010 virtual event, where we’ll be sharing:

  • Brand New Coach Marketing Strategies
  • Biggest Coaching Industry Trends
  • Innovative Client Enrollment Techniques
  • Cutting-Edge Practice Management Tools
  • 2010 Passive In-come Ideas for Coaches
  • Hottest Coaching Niches Today
  • Economy-Proof Business Building Tactics
  • Hottest Coaching Business Tools

…and other business growth tactics for life, executive, and business coaches!

What does this mean for your coaching business? You’ll learn how to:

  • Get More and Better Clients Using PAID Introductory Sessions
  • Get and Keep More Coaching Clients In Spite of Such an Over-Crowded Industry, and Take Advantage of The Biggest Opportunities In the Midst of The Coaching Market Explosion;
  • Add New Income Streams and High-Leverage Coaching Models to Your Existing Business, So You Could Stop Trading Time for Dollars and Enjoy the Lifestyle Coaching Can Give You!
  • Maximize and Accelerate Your Marketing Strategy, Double or Triple Your Client Enrollment, And Eliminate the Hassles and Fears of Selling Coaching Once and For All!

You will also understand…

  • How Clients Buy Coaching Today and The Best Way to Create Motivation and Desire to Hire You
  • How to Talk to Potential Clients So That They Will Want to Hire You – Right on the Spot
  • How to Pack So Much Value Into Your Coaching Programs, That Your Fees Will Become Irrelevant!

…and much more!

I am excited to be one of their guest speakers at the Coaching Boom 2010, and you don’t want to miss this biggest no-travel coaching event of the decade!

To register or for more details go to: CoachingBoom2010

P.P.S. Milana Leshinsky, the host of this event, is known for organizing some of the BEST most exciting and thought-provoking business building events in the coaching industry. You are guaranteed to walk away with dozens of ideas, tools, and motivation to increase your coaching income this year and beyond!