As I’ve read information and seen pictures of the devastation in Haiti, I’ve wondered what I could do to help. Sure, as a plastic surgeon, I’m sure I could fly down there and do something. In fact, a fellow plastic surgeon, Craig Hobar, MD from Dallas leads an organization called the LEAP Foundation (, an organization with vast experience offering medical assistance to this part of the world. Today, a team funded by LEAP is preparing to deploy to Haiti.

I donated money to Soles 4 Souls (, so this money could be used to purchase new shoes for the displaced Haitians.

But I started wondering: “What could contribute as an entrepreneur who is committed to global change, transformation and impact?”

I’ve been hosting a weekly discussion group called “ConsciousLeaderpreneurship Conversations.” (“Conscious Leaderpreneurship” is a phrase I’ve recently coined that embodies the conscious approach of building businesses based on blending inner awareness, with knowledge and perseverance.)

On Saturday, January 15th, from 9:30-10:15 pm, this group will participate in a brainstorming session about what we can as group of “generous entrepreneurs” might be able to do to help turn this situation into something that elevates the economy and confidence of Haitians and creates a ripple effect across the globe for collaboration and connection at a heart-centered level.

During this call, we’ll share resources and ideas. I don’t know exactly what we’ll come up with, but whatever we do, let’s make it actionable.

In addition, a fellow conscious leaderpreneur, Sharon Ann Wikoff, has generously volunteered to share her expertise with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) during part of the call. EFT  has been found to be very helpful to relieve and release emotional trauma in people who have experienced an Earthquake.

In my work with entrepreneurial clients, I’ve used EFT; don’t ask me how it works, but we can actually use EFT to help at a distance. We can touch on the relief of worry, pain, anxiety and fear… then tap in peace, calm, and centeredness… but mainly focus on bringing the creative energy to Haiti!! (No this is NOT therapy; Sharon is not a therapist; she is simply offering EFT as a minister with the certificiations of EFT-CC and EFT-ADV.)

The call is free, but you’ll need to register to receive the dial-in information:

Feel free to invite other like-minded, like-hearted, and like-spirited entrepreneurs to this call.

To freedom and prosperity for all!