Can Entrepreneurs Help Out in Haiti?

As I’ve read information and seen pictures of the devastation in Haiti, I’ve wondered what I could do to help. Sure, as a plastic surgeon, I’m sure I could fly down there and do something. In fact, a fellow plastic surgeon, Craig Hobar, MD from Dallas leads an organization called the LEAP Foundation (, an organization with vast experience offering medical assistance to this part of the world. Today, a team funded by LEAP is preparing to deploy to Haiti.

I donated money to Soles 4 Souls (, so this money could be used to purchase new shoes for the displaced Haitians.

But I started wondering: “What could contribute as an entrepreneur who is committed to global change, transformation and impact?” (more…)

Focusing Through Distractions

The most important skill for consistent high-performance in your business

“If I were asked to choose one mental skill that distinguishes athletes and other performers who remain at the top of their game, I would name their ability to adapt and re-focus in the face of distractions.”
– Terry Orlick, author of  In Pursuit of Excellence:  How to win in sport and life through mental training

The ability to remain focused, despite extreme pressure, failure, and even apparent impending doom, is what separates a good athlete from a top-performing one. Many parallels exist between peak performance in sports and that in business. So, ask yourself, when the heat is on, do you focus on distractions or do you focus through distractions?

The good news is that the ability to focus and, especially, to regain focus after a major distraction, is a learned, practiced skill. First of all, it takes awareness that you’ve lost focus to regain it. But that alone isn’t enough. Focus takes practice, persistence, effort, energy, and a high level of commitment. (more…)