Or are you being an “intellectual bulldozer”?

A lot of us go through life thinking that if we’re smart enough and we think through it, we can bull our way through a brick wall, without getting bumps and bruises or cracking open our skulls!

We think that intellectually we should be able to solve this problem and that problem.

But what’s missing is that this ingrained habit totally negates and takes out your inner guidance system.

And your inner guidance system is far more powerful than what we have intellectually.

Dr. Albert Einstein acknowledged that. He said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge, it’s more important than knowledge.”

Where does imagination come from?
It comes from your inner guidance system.

What it comes down to is whether you have the ability to trust your inner guidance system.

A friend of mine, David Ranney, is the author of “Tennis: Play the Mental Game,”  calls it your ‘other than conscious mind.’”

As a real-life example, when I work with my clients to guide them, I gather as much intellectual information as is practical, then I  allow my “other than conscious mind” to work on it and help me arrive at a practical approach.

Whether or not you make what you think is a mistake, train yourself to recognize that whatever is going on is supposed to happen. That’s an important part of trusting your inner guidance system.

You cannot intellectually see clearly into the future, but your inner guidance system can. This doesn’t mean that you’ll always be consciously awareness, but the awareness is there, if you learn to trust it, feel it, and listen to it. And, above, act on it.

If there’s one huge take-home pearl here, it’s this:

Come to expect that things are going to work out in your favor, no matter how bleak the situation looks.

No doubt, it takes an input of energy, it takes conscious awareness to live this way. But you’re going to put in the energy one way or another, so why not choose the path of greatest and highest good?