Healing the planet starts with healing one’s self, from the inside first, then outwardly.

What does it mean to heal one’s self?

It means to push beyond your existing paradigms and belief systems. It means challenging your existing thoughts about who you are, your identity, and your mental and emotional attachments to how you define yourself. It means challenging your feelings about yourself, that is, the emotions and other sensations that you feel in your body, in both obvious and subtle ways, in response to internal and external challenges to what you most value in life.

What you believe, think, and feel about yourself colors your perception of the world and your place in it.

So, unless you are willing to challenge your existing beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, predictably, you’ll keep getting what you’ve already gotten.

When Gandhi said, “Be the change you seek in the world,” in the unspoken was the tenet that, in order to change, one must expandone’s belief system, think more expansively and inclusively, and express, rather than suppress authentic emotions.

Healing one’s self leads directly and immediately to a greater awareness of one’s divine nature, one’s inherent gifts and calling in life.

If you are willing to answer that call, to follow your inner guidance system, you are well on the path to healing. You are on the greater path of freedom expressed in it’s grandest form: Awakening to oneness.

If there were no limits to the freedom of your highest expression, what might you accomplish in your business? What obstacles, barriers, and challenges would simply become non-issues?

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