The Hallmark of Conscious Leaderpreneurship: Service From the Heart

NOTE: Today’s blog is written by guest author, Kristi Toia, CEO of Glendale Builders.

Being devoted to service from the heart means we act without any expectations of a certain outcome or attachment to any return or feeling.

In any business, we have opportunity to be of service to many different entities, not just customer service.

  1. Ourselves
  2. Vendors
  3. Employees
  4. Customers
  5. Neighbors
  6. Community
  7. The world
  8. The universe

It is not what we do, but how we do it that really comes to mind with service from the heart.

“Whatever your action,
Food or worship;
Whatever the gift
That you give to another;
Whatever you vow
To the work of the spirit. . .
Lay these also
As offerings before Me.”

– From the Bhagavad Gita

“Service from the Heart” is the topic of this week’s Conscious Leaderpreneurship Conversation call; Kristi Toia has graciously offered to guest facilitate the discussion.

Click here to listen to the recording of the conversation

Why Customers Should NOT Buy From You

Given a choice between similar products or services, consumers will decide based on just two factors-PRICE and VALUE.

So what’s going to make customers buy from you rather than your competitors? In other words, what sets you apart from your competition?

If you think it’s your price, think again. The last thing you want is customers who buy based on price. Unless you already have ‘deep pockets,’ competing in this way is the most predictable route to a business that is unstable and vulnerable to minor changes in market conditions.

You’ve seen this before:

  • “We beat Costco”
  • “We honor all competitors’ coupons”
  • “We’ll match your lowest price”

Lowering prices is often the first place business owners frequently go when they begin to worry about revenue and attracting new customers.

While the low-price strategy may be effective in the short-term, it’s a potentially disastrous long-term strategy that leaves you vulnerable to getting under-priced by the eager business down the street. Worse yet, price-sensitive customers are not loyal buyers. The next time it comes to buy, they’ll jump to whomever has the lowest price that day. (more…)

Do You Have the Freedom to Trust Your Inner Guidance System?

Or are you being an “intellectual bulldozer”?

A lot of us go through life thinking that if we’re smart enough and we think through it, we can bull our way through a brick wall, without getting bumps and bruises or cracking open our skulls!

We think that intellectually we should be able to solve this problem and that problem.

But what’s missing is that this ingrained habit totally negates and takes out your inner guidance system.

And your inner guidance system is far more powerful than what we have intellectually.

Dr. Albert Einstein acknowledged that. He said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge, it’s more important than knowledge.”

Where does imagination come from?
It comes from your inner guidance system.

What it comes down to is whether you have the ability to trust your inner guidance system.

A friend of mine, David Ranney, is the author of “Tennis: Play the Mental Game,”  calls it your ‘other than conscious mind.’” (more…)

A New Model for Business Success in the New Economy

Here’s the model:
Purpose, Passion, Productivity, and Power => People, Planet, Profit, Prosperity

As entrepreneurs, it’s our responsibility to contribute to shaping the emerging new era of prosperity.

It’s time for new ways of thinking, new business models, new ways of connecting and collaborating with our buyers, our colleagues, our competitors, and other countries.

Focusing one’s:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Productivity

leads to…

  • Helping people
  • Healing the planet
  • Sustainable profits
  • Global prosperity
  • (more…)

Healing the Planet

Healing the planet starts with healing one’s self, from the inside first, then outwardly.

What does it mean to heal one’s self?

It means to push beyond your existing paradigms and belief systems. It means challenging your existing thoughts about who you are, your identity, and your mental and emotional attachments to how you define yourself. It means challenging your feelings about yourself, that is, the emotions and other sensations that you feel in your body, in both obvious and subtle ways, in response to internal and external challenges to what you most value in life.

What you believe, think, and feel about yourself colors your perception of the world and your place in it.

So, unless you are willing to challenge your existing beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, predictably, you’ll keep getting what you’ve already gotten. (more…)