When it comes to growing your business, there are only four main areas to focus on (albeit, these are broad categories):

  1. Leadership, Management, and Team
  2. Operations.
  3. Marketing and Sales
  4. Deliverables

Leadership, Management, and Team is all about clarity of your focus, direction, strategies, tactics, intentions, and where you place your attention. This category is also about addressing your limiting beliefs and allocating limited resources efficiently.

Operations, otherwise known as “Logistics and Administration” relates to the critical processes and procedures that make your business successful. For optimal efficiency in the longer-run, these processes and procedures should be documented and turned into turnkey systems.

Marketing and Sales should be more accurately described as Education  and Matching Value, respectively. You must first education a prospective buyer about how your offering solves their problem or need. Then, it’s your job to help them recognize the value of your offering, in terms of specific results, improvements, outcomes, and experiences that they would get from working with you and match that up with what they recognize as their pressing needs, problems, and challenges.

Deliverables refers to the services, programs, and products that help your buyers get what they need and what.

For any business of any size to succeed, all four of the above areas need to be working harmoniously together.

Now, these are tidy little categories and descriptions and it all sounds great in theory, but…

…what about turning theory into real-life results and progress?

In my experience and observation, this is where a lot of us get stuck, or at least snagged temporarily: Turning intellectual theory into action, that then produces desirable results.

So what’s the solution to getting unstuck or un-snagged? Here are some quick suggestions:

  1. Clarify and simplify your next immediate action step. Whatever it is, break it down into manageable, actionable bite-size pieces.
  2. Find ways to make even the most mundane of tasks fun. Make a game of it.
  3. Think of creative ways to make these tasks easier to take on and complete.
  4. Find ways to collaborate with others so you can tap into the collective wisdom and energy of working synergistically.

While this takes mindfulness and discipline to apply to one’s everyday life, the return-on-investment of consciously applying your strengths and talents to the tasks at hand are exponential, enduring, and many times, beyond one’s wildest dreams.

On today’s Conscious Leaderpreneurship call, we discussed these concepts as they applied to the participants real-world situations. Listen to the 30-min replay here.