“Who have you come to this planet to be?”

That’s the question that Reverend Suzi Schadle, minister at Center for Spiritual Living Eastside (www.csle.org) asked this past Sunday.

“In our world of busy-ness, rarely do people inquire of themselves or each other, ‘Who have you come here to be?’ Instead we ask, ‘So what do you do?’ You may strive, and seek, and search relentlessly to know what is your to do, because doing leads to having, and having seems to contain a measure of relief and protection from the uncertainties and discomforts of life. Deep down inside, you may intuitively know that your happiness is not in things or in your capacity to succeed. It is somehow rooted in a more intangible knowing of your won worth and capacity to make a difference. What if your search for what is yours to do was informed by who you have come here to be?”
— Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons

So, want do you need to DO to BE who you came here to be?

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