How Do You Define Success?

“Success is Achieving What One REALLY Wants.” – J. Donald Walters, in Education for Life: Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges

Material success is one thing. Inherently, there’s nothing wrong or right about material things.

Is it possible to have material success without wealth grounded in spiritual values? Of course it is. But balanced, holistic success is another, as material wealth alone does not lead to fulfillment.

What purpose does material wealth serve, if it doesn’t come as part of a complete package, one that includes the freedom to experience the things in life that bring us a sense of fulfillment, that give us the sense of appreciation of life itself. of being loved, honored, and respected?

So, how do YOU define success for YOURSELF?

  • What is it that you really want in life?
  • Are you pursuing the things in life that bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment?
  • Are you pursuing things in life that ignite your passions, fulfill your soul purpose of this lifetime, and expressing your true power, your true gifts?

Your core beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and about the external world determine how you define success for yourself. Pursue those things in life that are meaningful to YOU, not what you think or believe will please others and make them happy.

You are only responsible for your own happiness. Everyone else is responsible for their own happiness.

If you look around and wanth something different than your current reality, then change your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. And your life will change.