Courses, training, coaching…

…is there really a difference?

In my mind, yes, there’s a big difference. And, I believe that the distinction I make between coaching and training is an important one.

I define coaching as “providing advice, recommendations, and guidance.”

I distinguish training as “providing the information, developing the skills and support you need to get the job done.”

Of course, there’s overlap between the two: Certainly there’s coaching involved in training and there’s training involved in coaching.

Coaching can be one-time, intermittent or on-going. I view training as a longer-term commitment, one that requires consistency and persistence and a conscious willingness to develop new habits of action and performance.

While both coaching and training approaches can be quite intensive, it’s an important, yet subtle distinction to me.

I believe that a blend of the two approaches gives one the advantage of the best of both worlds.

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