In today’s Information Age, we have instantaneous access to an over-abundance of information. Through the Internet, we can search for information, products, tools, and other resources at all hours of day and night. We can purchase books and other subscriptions through websites. Even when purchasing physical books, we can also purchase the digital download version at the same time.

We can amass all the information we want. Become a walking encyclopedia if you want….

…and it won’t do you a bit of good. It won’t make you healthier, wealthier, or wiser.

Information is NOT power. That’s a myth. Information is, well, information. It’s what you do with the information that makes any difference at all.

So, once you’ve gathered information, the next critical step is to assimilate or integrate it. Integration takes time. For some of us, there’s an incubation period during which we need to percolate on the information, maybe tinker with it, before it settles in and makes sense. It takes time for us to get familiar and comfortable with the information, to understand how best to apply it to our particular situation, goals, and dreams.

Even after the information you acquired gets integrated into your beliefs, your thinking, your very being, your business, and so on, that information still won’t make any difference, until…

…until you take the steps to implement that information. Implementation means putting that information to work for you. It means taking that information and turning it into powerful strategies and action steps that produce the results you want for your business and your life.

So, you can attend all the workshops you want, read as much as you want, buy all the training and information products you want. Just remember that you must also commit to doing the work to assimilate the information and allocate the time to do so. And then, and only then, you’ll be ready for the next phase of work, which is Action, Action, Action!

That leaves us with three “I’s” of business success:

  1. Information
  2. Integration
  3. Implementation

One without the other isn’t as powerful as having the synergy of all three. Staying aware of keeping all three elements together gives you a simple way to stay focused on what produces the outcomes you desire in your business and your life.