Over three years ago, I stumbled into the world of business coaching. Within less than 90 days after presenting my first live seminar that showcased what I had to offer, I had created a annualized six-figure, recurring revenue stream.

To be honest, I didn’t realize at the time how extraordinary this was; I was simply doing what I intuitively was drawn to do, fueled by fears of having to go back to practicing plastic surgery!

I had heard that most coaches, be they life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and everything else in between, hardly made enough to call it a living. It wasn’t until I was a guest trainer at a workshop for coaches and consultants that I realized that I had done something out of the ordinary.

Emerging coaches and consultants began asking me for advice, even to coach them directly. So, I created a program called the Six-Figure Success School. On the web page for that program, I wrote this:

“I believe that others can duplicate what I did, perhaps even faster. With my guidance, along with my documented systems and strategies that I personally used to create a sustainable six-figure revenue stream, I believe that others apply this approach to their own business and accelerate their lead generation, conversion, and revenue growth. I wonder why this can’t be the norm, rather than the exception.”

Lo and behold, one of my clients did just that. I coached him to create a six-figure, recurring revenue stream and he did it in 70 days from the date I started coaching him. You can hear his story by clicking here.