Accelerating Your Revenue

Over three years ago, I stumbled into the world of business coaching. Within less than 90 days after presenting my first live seminar that showcased what I had to offer, I had created a annualized six-figure, recurring revenue stream.

To be honest, I didn’t realize at the time how extraordinary this was; I was simply doing what I intuitively was drawn to do, fueled by fears of having to go back to practicing plastic surgery!

I had heard that most coaches, be they life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and everything else in between, hardly made enough to call it a living. It wasn’t until I was a guest trainer at a workshop for coaches and consultants that I realized that I had done something out of the ordinary.

Emerging coaches and consultants began asking me for advice, even to coach them directly. So, I created a program called the Six-Figure Success School. On the web page for that program, I wrote this:

“I believe that others can duplicate what I did, perhaps even faster. With my guidance, along with my documented systems and strategies that I personally used to create a sustainable six-figure revenue stream, I believe that others apply this approach to their own business and accelerate their lead generation, conversion, and revenue growth. I wonder why this can’t be the norm, rather than the exception.”

Lo and behold, one of my clients did just that. I coached him to create a six-figure, recurring revenue stream and he did it in 70 days from the date I started coaching him. You can hear his story by clicking here.

The Physics of Business Success

Ever feel like you’re putting out a lot of sweat and energy into growing your business and getting nowhere, like a hamster on its running wheel?

Or, do you spend more time and energy thinking or worrying about doing something about your current business situation than you actually spend doing anything about it?

In basic physics, a vector is a certain force or energy coupled with a particular direction. Without focused direction, that energy is scattered and weak, just like a household light bulb. In contrast, a medical-grade laser is simply intense energy that is focused all in one direction.

So, when it comes to growing your business, are you a medical-grade laser or an incandescent light bulb?

It’s easy to get lulled into the doing of growing your business. That’s where most business books and programs tell you to start, especially when it comes to marketing and managing more effectively. With this approach, you can expend a lot of energy, but not in a way that is the most effective for reaching your marketing, financial, and overall business goals.

Consider a different approach: Having a clear sense of what you intend to accomplish. Ever had a day where you were busy taking lots of action but, at the end of the day, didn’t have much to show for it? That’s called taking action without intention. And it leads to nowhere pretty fast. But, when you set specific intentions for the day that are based on your longer-term intentions for the week, month, year, and beyond, everything changes.


Freedom leads to clarity; clarity leads to power.

Freedom, in the creative sense, is the ability to consider possibilities, unrestrained by beliefs rooted in the past about what is “realistically attainable.” While we all have limiting beliefs in various areas of our lives, such beliefs only serve to minimize our view of the world and, consequently, what we believe we can achieve.

Without freedom, real clarity is unachievable.
A lack of clarity leads to loss of power. Similarly, effort without intention is about as effective as hoping and praying that you’ll wake up one day and your business and finances will have miraculously manifested your dreams.

Some people don’t know what they are going for, or how they are going to measure success. Others get freaked out just using the word ‘success.’ So, instead of measuring success, how about measuring satisfaction? When it comes to building your business, what kind of results would be satisfying for you?

Having proclaimed the power of focused intention, I must add that having good intentions to grow your business—to market more effectively, to make your business more productive—without actually expending consistent effort is just as effective as meditating for money and expecting it to drop in your lap. The truth is, it’s just not likely to happen, at least on a grand scale. (Althought I must admit, one day my sister-in-law set the intention for $100 to “come” to her and, lo and behold, later that day she found a $100 bill!) But most of the time, making resolutions and promises (“I’m really going to do it this time, no kidding”) is meaningless unless it’s backed up by consistent actions and follow-through.

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.” – Richard Bach, in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Look at it this way, if you were walking through a forest in the pitch black darkness and didn’t know where you were headed, would you keep walking? Would you keep walking if you didn’t know why you were out there walking in the dark? Most of you wouldn’t. But a lot of people are so confused and frustrated with their attempts to market their businesses better, that they are effectively walking around in the dark, clueless as to their destination. Without clear intentions, there is a high probability of giving up before you reach your goals because you don’t know specifically what your goals are!

Before you take any actions towards growing your business—such as generating more revenue, marketing more aggressively, or adding staff—get clear about your intentions. When you have clear, specific intentions, you’ve stacked the odds in your favor that you will be likely to follow through with actions that produce the results you desire.

Intention (direction) + Effort (energy) = Desired Results

When you put clear intentions together with effective actions, you are virtually guaranteed of achieving desirable results.


  1. What are your intentions? List at least 3-5 intentions (or measures of satisfaction) in specific areas of your business (examples include marketing, finances, customer base growth, new services and product lines, etc.) For each of these intentions, set three different levels of intentions:
    • Bullseye (right on target) intentions
    • Minimum intentions (9 out of 10 likelihood of reaching these)
    • Extraordinary intentions (results that are desirable, yet unpredictable
  2. What specific actions can you take consistently that will bring you closer to fulfilling on those intentions or conditions of satisfaction? Have you scheduled them into your daily plan of actions?

Freedom gives you access to clarity. Clarity gives you access to power. What is power made of? Effort, coupled with Intention.

And, this kind of power leads to results you can take to the bank and beyond.